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Dreaming on being an artiste
On the surface Nayahdon; given name Marke Caballero is someone that aspires to be an accomplished sing-jay with his music written with the intention of deflecting an emotional impact in others life including his own. Nayah’s fascination with music started at the tender age of thirteen when he began remixing other artiste’ s songs and free styling on stage showcasing his versatility with dancing and singing. He wants to engage more with being an influencer to ghetto youths, as he calls himself the ghetto details. He wants to use his untiring commitment and drive to bring more attention to the happenings in rural communities. After events during a football match he was hit and injured in the throat by his opponent and still went on playing not knowing that the injury put a strain on his voice. He had also lost his grandmother and that affected his psychological being and with this he then used music to get through and voice his feelings towards the passing. His urge to do music became stronger and more of the heart. This is the only beginning as music keeps on helping his life.



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